irinaguthrie (irinaguthrie) wrote,

Photoshoot with my boys

I realized that I have not posted any photos from the mini-photoshoot I did with my family last fall. We went to the Lock 12 Historical park in Cheshire, which is a part of the Farmington Canal Linear Park. This park has a restored 150 year old canal lock (one of the original Farmington Canal’s locks), which is really cool - Edward really loved looking at it and figuring out how it works (he even tried to push it to see if he could close it :) Here are just a couple of my favorite shots from that session.

Edward and Connor
Lock 12 Historical Park, Cheshire, CT
October 2009

Edward trying to open the locks

Edward with me

Connor made funny faces :)

Tags: baby portraits, children's portraits, families, family, group portraits, individual portraits
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