irinaguthrie (irinaguthrie) wrote,

How do I know that the spring is here?

After a particularly cold, snowy, and long winter, I am so happy to embrace spring. I thought it would never arrive. But it did, with all of its attributes - hot weather and bugs, rain showers and thunderstorms, spring blossoms and promises of summer not-to-far-around-the-corner. I love photographing all kinds of flowers, so today I wanted to share with all of you some of the photos that I got in the past week or so of the beautiful spring blooms around our house (inside and outside). I wish I would have gotten some photos of magnolias and wisteria,  but since we don't have either of those on our property, I didn't get around to it. But both of those are truly magnificent in color and splendor in the spring. After colorful New England fall, I think the blooming season in the spring is my second favorite season here.


Nectarine tree in bloom
May 2011

Peach tree blooming
May 2011

Beautiful roses from my sweet husband

Easter lily

Apple tree blooming in our yard

Another nectarine tree

Peach tree

Spring daffodil

Daffodil with red and white tulips in the background

White tulip, about to open

Tags: flowers, nature
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