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A harpist from Montana

Do you remember this beautiful bride from last spring? Well, now that she's all settled in her new home in Montana, Angela wanted me to take some portraits of her with her harp for her brochure. So, if you are ever in need of harp lessons in Montana or would like to hire a harpist for your wedding/reception/special occasion in that area, Angela would be the person to contact. She holds a degree in Music Performance from Biola University, plays with Bozeman and Billings symphonies, and teaches private harp lessons. If you would like to contact Angela, leave a comment here and I will forward it to her.

Bozeman, Montana
February 1, 2010

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Joe's portrait session

Joe is a budding musician from California (originally) and now residing in Montana. He is working on his website, so he wanted me to take some creative portraits for him to put up on his website. Well, you can tell - it's snowy in Montana in February!

Bozeman, Montana
February 1, 2010

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Beautiful Colorado sunset

Seen in Colorado Springs on a September evening:

And another one:

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

While in Colorado, we really enjoyed the beauty around us and went to see Garden of the Gods on one of the days there. This place is amazing and beautiful! Edward and Frankie (my friend Amy's son) ran wild, while Amy and I walked around taking it all in. Those rock formations are too cool for words.

Garden of the Gods
September 3, 2009
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USAFA Chapel in Colorado

I had a wonderful chance to stop over in beautiful Colorado Springs on my way back from Montana and visit with my precious friend Amy and her family. One of the days we went to see the Air Force Academy and the Chapel, and I must say, it's simply magnificent! I enjoyed seeing different levels that they've set up for different kinds of services.

Chapel at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs
September 1, 2009

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Yellowstone National Park

This past summer my family went for a trip to Montana to see my husband's relatives. One of the days we ventured down to Yellowstone Park. Even though we've been there more than a dozen times, it never ceases to amaze me how much and how fast things change in the Park. We also got to see some animals up close again.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Park
August 24, 2009

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Ladybug attack

This past week we've experienced something I've never encountered before - our whole house was attacked by ladybugs! And when I say attacked, I mean more than 100,000 ladybugs descended on our house out of nowhere practically. I have never seen so many ladybugs in one place! They were all different colors - yellow, orange, red, some with spots, some without. Every afternoon they would cover the house and try to get into every door and window (even when they are closed). My husband and I have collected hundreds of them inside and even posted them on freecycle for those "unlucky" people who don't have them in their house, but maybe have aphids in their gardens (since ladybugs eat aphids).  Several people actually contacted us and came over here to claim a couple of hundreds lady bugs each.

I posted that I was super-frustrated about this on my facebook status update, and a few people mentioned that their houses have also experienced ladybug attacks. Well, at least I am not alone in this. Not that it makes it any better. It's raining outside today, and I am hoping that it would prevent them from coming out again today or in the future (well, at least until spring). We'll see...

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Connor's 3 months portraits

My baby turns 3 months old today! He is just too precious... :)

More of the baby cuteness hereCollapse )

Bountiful harvest

My husband brought in these two pears (out of the three that we got on our tree that Stan planted last year) yesterday in the morning from our garden (they were delicious!!) and the flower was a gift from my eldest son. I liked the pretty reflection that those made in our granite countertop.

Fall is here again!

Alex and Karina: wedding and portraits

Alex and Karina celebrated their 15th anniversary by having a beautiful church wedding (venchanie) and portrait session in the flower gardens of Elizabeth Park. The day was gorgeous for the photos, and Alex and Karina were so fun to photograph. Congratulations, Alex and Karina and I wish you lots of love and happiness!



Connor David Guthrie
Born June 26, 2009
My precious second baby boy


Strawberry Festival

Well, this time of year is upon us again... Time to pick your own fresh fruit and berries! This past Saturday we went to Lyman Orchards' Strawberry Festival, which was a lot of fun for Edward. We also couldn't pass up on picking some strawberries while we were there. Although with all of these cold rainy days strawberries were not very good, very few and far between. But Saturday was a nice hot day, so there were crowds everywhere enjoying the weather :) We got only just enough strawberries to make a few strawberry shortcakes upon our return home.

Edward having fun looking for ripe juicy berries :)

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Sunday Photoshoot with Tatyana's Family

Last Sunday I finally got some nice photos of Tatyana's lovely family. The boys (Martin and Kristian) were adorable and loved playing with the bubbles. Here are a couple of my favorite photos from that photoshoot.

Kristian blowing the bubbles
Farmington Canal Heritage Greenway Park
Cheshire, CT
June 7, 2009
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Mother's day photos

I took quite a few portraits of Carol and Eileen on Mother's Day, these are just a couple of my favorites. Blooming spring flowers made for a beautiful backdrop.

Carol and Eileen: two sisters
Groton, CT
May 10, 2009
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Sprinkler Fun

Last week it was so hot outside, kids were happy for some water play. Our wonderful friend Amy hosted our play-date at her house and set up a sprinkler for the kids. Even though some of them were a little skeptical at first, no one wanted to miss out on the fun, so everyone (including Sophie dog) eventually joined in!


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Edward's 3rd Birthday!

This was the day my big little boy turned 3! He had an exciting Nemo-themed birthday party, surrounded by his little friends and loved ones. Our wonderful friend Amy made a beautiful custom french vanilla and chocolate Nemo cake for him, that was just delicious! Here's just a small portion of the photos from Edward's Nemo party.

My sweet boy is 3 years old!

More photos from Edward's wonderful and colorful Nemo party :)Collapse )

Spring flowers

Yay, spring is finally here!


Adele and Danny's wedding

I am too excited to wait to share some of my favorite photos from Adele and Danny's wedding. It was such a gorgeous day yesterday! Enjoy the photos and please don't forget to leave a comment :) Congratulations again to Adele and Danny! You are such a beautiful couple.

Adele and Daniel
April 25, 2009

Ceremony Venue: Trinity Evangelical Free Church
Woodbridge, CT
Reception Venue: Great River Golf Club
Milford, CT

View more photos from Adele and Danny's wedding hereCollapse )

Angela and Joe's wedding

Angela and Joe got married on a beautiful sunny day in Southern California. Here are just a few of my favorite photos from their wedding. Congratulations, Angela and Joe! Have a wonderful honeymoon!

Angela and Joe
Yorba Linda Community Center
Yorba Linda, California
April 17, 2009
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Irina Guthrie

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